Join brand new kids group Coco and the Cockatoos as they take you on an adventurous exploration with camels, emus, kangaroos, tigers, roosters, dolphins, dogs, crocodiles and unicorns on their debut album release ‘Wild Life’.

 Coco and the Cockatoos’ ‘Wild Life’ album is an uplifting and educational release featuring ten unique songs about animals from all over the world, interwoven with messages about the importance of animal welfare and conservation.

 Every song sale will support three very worthy causes – Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Taronga Conservation Society and Ocean Recovery Alliance.

 Coco and the Cockatoos was co-created by ten-year old Coco Espie and singer songwriter Jane Walker.

 Coco’s cerebral palsy and empathetic approach to life has given her a compassion for animals and children, which is how the ‘Wild Life’ album was born.

 ‘Wild Life’ is an album with a big heart and will appeal to toddlers and children aged up to eight years old who love music and the happiness it brings – especially those who, like Coco, have to endure time in therapy and hospital.

 Coco’s enthusiasm and determination to have fun and enjoy life despite her struggles, set backs and operations gives ‘Wild Life’ an energy that Coco is keen to share.

 ‘Wild Life’ helps kids to use their imagination and visualise the animals in the songs as details about each animal are written into the lyrics.

 So let yourself be transported into the animal kingdom with ‘Crystal the Unicorn’, one of Coco’s favourite toys, a tiger from India in ‘Tiger in the Jungle’ and ‘Rocky the Rooster’ whose morning crow reminds everyone to recycle, reuse and clean up their rubbish each day.

 ‘The Outback Song’ tells the tale of a camel, emus and some kangaroos. Based on Coco’s own family holiday in Central Australia, ‘The Outback Song’ features Uncle Brendan Japangardi Kerin from Central Australia who plays traditional emu and kangaroo songs on the yidaki (didgeridoo).

 Two little dolphins in ‘The Party Song’ give the message of looking after our oceans, while Coco’s family dog Peppi has his own song called ‘The Woof Woof Song’!

 Two years in the making, ‘Wild Life’ also features Coco’s sister Molly singing on the album along with Coco and Esme Power.

‘Wild Life’ was produced by Jane Walker along with Jess Ciampa and Neal Sutherland. Sutherland also engineered and mixed the album that was recorded at Free Energy Device Studios in Camperdown, Sydney.